Robin Enström

  • Illustrator/graphic designer/sign maker
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Hi there!

Swedish based illustrator/designer/sign painter with love for the old and the handmade, Robin Enström creates his art. ”I am inspired by everything, from old lettering to signs, graffiti, street art, tattoos and crafts.” I love to try new ways to create art. And to always believe that anything is possible. If you don´t know how to do it, learn it! ”I have been painting from a very early age, my mother painted with water colors, a lot of nature and naked ladies, I always got some ink and paper and used to paint volcanoes!” In high school I fell in love with graffiti and street-art, and all the older boys wanted me to draw their tattoos for them. To day I paint with watercolor, ink, digital and my newest favorite gold leaf


Bonnier fakta, Den gyldene freden, Cultur bar & matsal, The Public